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What We Offer


Surface Design & Creation

The FauxCoos studio's extensive expertise is at your disposal. We help you achieve your vision while ensuring that all projects are executed to the highest professional standards. With our comprehensive knowledge of plastering, faux finish techniques, and a keen sense of aesthetics, we bring the boldest, (and the subtlest), designs to life. Our team creates surfaces that will delight, adding literal and metaphorical layers of sophistication to any interior.

Our Service Includes:
  • A wide variety of Venetian Plaster wall treatments

  • Kolcaustico Plaster

  • Marmorino - Fine, Medio, Coarse

  • Tadelakt

  • Palladino/Tanachino

  • Decorative Concrete Finish

  • Gold And Silver Leafing

  • Limewash/French Wash

  • Glaze

  • Fresco Cementino

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