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Cracked Concrete Wall

The polished Plasterer Adrian Coos was born in a sleepy town nestled among the hills of Transylvania. Throughout his childhood, Adrian was fascinated by the lavish Art Nouveau palaces built by 19th century architects, Marcell Komor and Dezso Jakab, in his native district.

Adrian followed his passion for decoration first to Milan, where he took up drawing and then to New York where he was selected and initiated into the Art of Painting & Plastering, a Distinguished Manhattan Studio.
Quickly Mastering the most Advanced Plastering Techniques, he developed a flare for flawless execution. Soon Adrian became a known Rising Star within the studio. He was entrusted wit
h key projects both at home and abroad and has enjoyed traveling for exclusive clients ever since.


In the past 12 years, Adrian has completed over 70 successful projects ranging from upscale Manhattan restaurants to residential houses, from Palm Beach to East and West Hampton, Aspen, and all over the East Coast.


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