Whatever your personal style is, there is a unique finish for your project. 




Kolcaustico Venetian Plaster is an elegant wall surfacing material that offers unlimited opportunities to create distinctly different and unique surfaces. It provides a wealth of creative possibilities for both traditional and contemporary settings and can be colorized to create an unlimited palette of pastels, earthy neutrals, and vibrant, saturated color.

Kolcaustico is an easily applied, smooth, high-gloss finish. Adding mica powders to the wax can create a deep pearlescence or a rich semi-metallic luster. For a matte surface with texture, dry pigments or marble dust can be mixed with Kolcaustico.

It's no wonder that the most demanding and in demand designers, architects and contractors choose Kolcaustico for surfaces that are to meant to be more than a background.


Intonachino is well known for its rustic pitted texture and matte sheen while smooth to the touch. The finish can be glazed to add a more old-world look or to create unique stone finishes. Intonachino is great for replicating concrete.

This product has a Green Leed certification for being made with recycled material.


This traditional Moroccan lime plaster is durable and gives the look of a honed stone or leather. Tadelakt is a lightweight, water resistant lime plaster which can be applied to both interiors and exteriors of homes as well as shower stalls, back splashes, bathrooms and more. Sealed with olive oil soap to aid in the carbonation and in rendering the surface more water resistant.


Wall2Floor is a multi-layer system that permits to achieve seamless surfaces, jointless, according to the most recent trends in architecture.

Wall2Floor is the ideal system for both traditional and contemporary environments, thanks to the elegant chromatic solutions and textures with past and present contaminations. The clearly visible signs of the spatulas give the product an

irregular surface that my be appreciated further in reflection.